‘Les Petit Fours’ International Group Exhibition

'Les Petit Fours' International Group Exhibition

After a fair amount of slackness in updating my website (still a work in progress) and blog (ditto), I am delighted to announce that I have a painting in a wonderful group exhibition opening next week in Sydney.  I haven’t met with a tragic illness, or died, or anything newsworthy.  I am still making art while also getting used to being employed in an office again (I can now pay rent and buy food – exciting!).  I have also joined a gym. Which has nothing at all to do with art, I just wanted to mention it online because everyone in my real life seems to be surprisingly uninterested.

Anyway, the show is called ‘Les Petit Fours’ International Group Exhibition, curated by beautiful.bizarre and Friends of Leon Gallery.  I believe that you can now contact the gallery for a preview of the show.  I have seen the works everyone has prepared and they look amazing!

I have also joined instagram and posted some work in progress images for Le Petit Fours.


New website and blog

As much as I loved my old website and the way it matched my 5-year old business cards (that I now use as emergency bookmarks, why did I think I even NEEDED business cards?) it was time for something new.  Something that didn’t require me to hand code HTML updates in MS notepad.  Something responsive that worked on mobile devices.

Something that belonged in the 21st century.

In the interest of record keeping (or just plain nostalgia), this is what the old site looked like:

screen capture of my old website

And my matchy-matchy business card:

business card

business card used as bookmark